Regardless of the project type, our art advisory services provide invaluable guidance throughout the art acquisition process.


Fine Art Advisory Services:
Masterpiece Fine Art provide a fine art advisory services.

Masterpiece Fine Art is a complete and thorough services in 19th & 20th century European and American fine art. Our Associates have many years of expertise in the specialist fields of Impressionism, Post Impressionism, Pre-war German Expressionism, Modernism Surrealism, American Post-War including Contemporary and Pop Art.

This platform was created to provide you complete research with authentic client relations spanning western Europe. With record-breaking prices for auction sales, the need for transparency and clarity of authenticity in the art industry couldn’t not be any more apparent. It’s the expertise we have, and the experience we provide.

Masterpiece Advisory Services:

What’s the project?. Art advisory services will provide invaluable guidance throughout the art acquisition process. With our comprehensive knowledge of art history, emerging artists, and new market trends, we will selectively identify the most suitable pieces for your project. Art advisors assist you with logistics including framing, transportation, and installation that ensures a seamless integration into the space. Art advisory for hospitality, residential, and institutional projects that goes beyond simple decorative pieces. We will add depth, meaning, and visual appeal to enhance the experience for guests, residents, and visitors. With our expertise and knowledge, art advisors serve as trusted partners, bridging the gap between art and interior design to create spaces that inspire, captivate, and leave a lasting impression.

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